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Tuesday July 18th:Quorum Court, Berryville Courthouse

Arrive 4:20 with signs, if you don't have signs, we have some extras Rally 4:30-5 p.m. at Courthouse with signs. Videographer will be here. Would you like to be interviewed? Will send to news stations. 5:00 Court begins. Purpose is for justices to go over emergency ordinance for data mining We may be able to comment 3 minutes. Last court Judge said only 2 people could speak! The real deal is the rally/protest/peaceful/make presence SHOW THEM WE HAVE NOT GIVEN UP!!! Every Court from here on out, we will probably do this

Did you read in Harrison paper about the data mining, also called cryptomining? there are 9 facilities in Arkansas. They attempted to set up in Harrison. There is talk they want to set up in Green Forest. Data mining is a building brimming with computers, fans and people. The sheer volume of such emits a horrendous noise 24/7/365. When I heard it, I had a headache within minutes. The frequency is unnatural and sickening. Think of what this can do to wildlife. Data mining centers use a huge amount of electricity and often are set near this part of the reason for building the wind farm substation in Green Forest? We can only guess. However....some of you live near substations....keep eyes and ears open for activity. The owners typically are Chinese and workers can be anyone. Our Justices of the Peace will read an emergency ordinance July 18th to vote on the ordinance. Unfortunately, it does not ban the mining, only limits the sound decibals. In such, it could prevent them from going in. This is good for our cause...if they can create a sound ordinance specific to data mining...why not draft ordinance for turbine height limits and setback requirements....this is our goal We need everyone's help to continue to talk about the cons of the "green energy" to everyone. Wind people are still selling leases. If this happens, they plan to start removing trees mid November. So, talk to everyone like your life depends on them knowing about wind turbines. In the meantime, sign this online petition against crypto so it doesn't come here. this article, you do have to subscribe to read....but the picture is worth a 1,000 words to help understand about the noise: Thank you all !! Thank you Lisa and Mary for you continuous efforts bringing this information to our attention. Another very excellent up to date source for info is Secure Arkansas. They will be covering wind turbines soon. They've been focusing on crypto mining.