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  • US betting on energy shift to stem decades of disappearing farms April 11, 2024
    The US is betting the transition to cleaner energy combined with massive infrastructure investments will reverse a persistent decline in family farms, creating new revenue opportunities for growers while boosting their ability to compete overseas. More than half a million farms across America’s landscape have vanished over the last four decades as policies favored consolidation. While […]
  • Environmental group disappointed after wind-energy project gets go-ahead from N.L. government April 10, 2024
    As World Energy GH2 clears another hurdle in its plan to build Canada's first wind-to-hydrogen project on Newfoundland's west coast, a non-profit environmental group says they still have serious doubts about the proposal. Nick Mercer, co-chair of Enviro Watch N.L., said his group was "gravely concerned" about the news on Tuesday, which saw the provincial government […]
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  • Constables on Patrol April 10, 2024
    April 2 10:49 p.m. – Officer assisted CCSO at a fight with injuries just outside city limits. 11:26 p.m. – Officer responded to a request to remove a subject from a Van Buren hotel. April 3 10:08 p.m. – Officers assisted CCSO with a DWI accident where the driver bolted and was stopped in the […]
    ESI Staff
  • FAA: Wind turbines potentially hazardous to navigation April 10, 2024
    Rumors have swirled around the proposed $300-million Scout Clean Energy Nimbus Wind Facility for months that the project was being scaled back. Now a local opponent of Nimbus, George Caudle, received information from a Freedom of Information Act request to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regarding wind turbine #3 that states, “Initial findings of this […]
    Becky Gillette
  • Tornado rips through Blue Spring April 10, 2024
    Initially the widespread damage at Blue Spring Heritage Center from a storm that hit at 1:08 a.m. on Tuesday, April 2, was thought to be a result of straight-line winds. John Fuller Cross, Sr., who owns Blue Spring, said they later learned that Blue Spring was hit by an EF-1 tornado. “It’s a mess,” Cross […]
    Becky Gillette
  • BOZA OKs a tight fit April 10, 2024
    In April 2023, Planning Commission Chair Susan Harman raised the possibility of building houses on smaller lots. She suggested adopting a floor-area ratio to determine the maximum size of a house on a lot smaller than the city’s 10,000-square-foot minimum. Last week, sitting as the Board of Zoning Adjustment in a special meeting, commissioners took […]
    Mike Ellis
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  • Battle lines set on Lewis over Spiorad na Mara April 13, 2024
    The decision to refuse the request from Northland Power for a strip of common grazing close to the shoreline for siting a 120 metre mast was taken unanimously by an unusually well attended meeting of shareholders in New and North Shawbost grazings. Northland hope to develop the “Spiorad na Mara” windpower facility just off the […]
  • Council secures court order prohibiting further development at wind farm where bog slide occurred April 12, 2024
    Donegal County Council has secured a High Court order prohibiting further development of a wind farm at a site that was the subject of a large bog slide that had “significant environmental consequences”. Mr Justice David Holland’s order restrains Planree Limited and Mid-Cork Electrical from finishing their “largely complete” 19-turbine project on primarily blanket bog […]
  • Measuring the sound of silence April 12, 2024
    In an area where the tallest structures are grain elevators, industrial wind turbines are more than simply a disturbance to the rural skyline. They are transformative. Modern turbines are 600 to 650 feet tall. They change a rural landscape into an urban one. As one neighbor put it, “If I wanted to look at tall […]
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  • Blown Away: Atlantic Hurricanes Threaten Total Offshore Wind Turbine Wipeout April 13, 2024
    The purpose of a power generation source is, funnily enough, to generate power as and when it’s needed, not merely to withstand the vagaries of the weather. Wind speeds barely need to reach gale force and these things go into automatic shutdown, as appears on German turbine maker, Siemen’s website – which has this to say […]
  • Fun’s Over: America’s ‘Green’ Investors Ditch Climate Action Zealotry April 12, 2024
    The climate cult thought the serious money was all in, forever. Til now, weather zealots could call on Wall Street to bankroll the climate industrial complex; there was no end to the amount of money available for harebrained, uneconomic wind and solar projects; no end to the unhinged war on hydrocarbons. These days, not so […]
  • Laughable Lightweights: Wind & Solar Can’t Hold Their Own During ‘Extreme’ Weather April 11, 2024
    When the wind blows hard enough, the turbines will not only rock, they’ll hit the deck with quite a thud – all 250 tonnes or so. And what a gale can do to 280m high turbines, a hail storm can do to seas of solar panels in a matter of minutes (see Charles Rotter’s piece […]
  • Arizona Prevents Economic Trainwreck By Scrapping Wind & Solar Subsidies & Mandates April 10, 2024
    Arizona, joins West Virginia and Montana in scrapping its mandated target for wind and solar power generation. Referred to as the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), its economic cost naturally outstrips any notional benefit (the only benefit being enjoyed is by wind and solar rent seekers). Finally, legislators are waking up to the scale and scope […]