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  • Council waits on state to decide water dilemma June 12, 2024
    The Eureka Springs City Council meeting on Monday became spirited and quarrelsome while discussing wastewater meterage. Brian Wright, owner of Kettle Campground, said that after council told him on January 8 that he should have a meter put on his well to measure and charge for wastewater, his lawyer contacted Public Works to find out […]
    Alissa Bandy
  • Burned-out building coming down June 12, 2024
    The Historic District Commission approved Steve Beacham’s request to remove a neglected structure at 65 Spring St. At the June 5 commission meeting, Kyle Palmer, the city’s Director of Planning and Community Development, said the structure was originally built in 1886. It had served as a church, and it was destroyed by fire in 1982. […]
    Mike Ellis
  • Basin Spring Bath House bridge closed June 12, 2024
                      The historic Basin Spring Bath House bridge from Spring over Main Street to retail outlets downtown was closed off recently by Jacob Coburn, the city building inspector. Coburn said the bridge has deteriorated and is unsafe. Yellow caution tape closing access to the bridge had been cut and orange safety barriers pushed to […]
    Becky Gillette
  • Holiday Island A&P prepping with vigor June 12, 2024
    New members of Holiday Island’s Advertising and Promotion Commission (HIAPC) got down to their first order of business June 6. Led by Chair Bryce Holland, they started with options for a web site. Donna Putnam, representing the Holiday Islanders Promoting Residential Ownership group (HIPRO) discussed how her group had put together and maintained two websites, […]
    Alissa Bandy
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  • ‘It seems they want to make Tassie one big wind farm’ zone residents say June 17, 2024
    Concerned residents who have learned their homes fall inside Tasmania’s first Renewable Energy Zone fear wind turbines and transmission lines will soon impact their quality of life and property values. The zone earmarked by the government takes in a swathe of prime agricultural land across four municipal areas – Burnie, Central Coast, Kentish and Waratah-Wynyard. […]
  • ‘Mutilated’ rare vulture near wind turbine sparks legal threat from campaigners June 16, 2024
    Spanish developer Acciona Energia is facing a legal complaint after one of its wind turbines was blamed for the death of a rare bearded vulture that was found “mutilated” nearby. Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture (FCQ) claimed this week that the vulture died after being hit by a turbine blade. FCQ said […]
  • Keep Kalbarri Beautiful activists to hold anti-wind turbine rally calling for stop to heavy industrialisation June 14, 2024
    Activists campaigning to stop heavy industrialisation developing in a small coastal Mid West town are planning a weekend rally as the community grapples with two separate wind farm proposals. Members of the Keep Kalbarri Beautiful movement are inviting the community to rally at 10am on Sunday at Sally’s Tree on the foreshore, to protest against […]
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  • Siemens Sinks: Germany’s Top Wind Turbine Maker Sacks 4,100 Workers Overnight June 17, 2024
    Remember how the wind and solar industries would create hundreds of thousands of highly-paid groovy ‘green’ jobs? No? Well, as it turns out, the few (highly subsidised) jobs created are disappearing like the sun over the horizon. Although, for the axed workers, there will be no reappearance the following day. Easy come, easy go. Siemens […]
  • Nuclear Fatality: Rent-Seekers Rage As Wind & Solar ‘Investment’ Collapses June 16, 2024
    The wind and solar industries are treating nuclear power like some kind of evil, arch-enemy. Fair enough. While the number of human fatalities caused by nuclear power generation would fit in a couple of school buses, the entire subsidised wind and solar scam faces total wipe out, simply because they can never compete – on […]
  • ‘Green’ Hydrogen: Greed & Delusion Drives Latest Huckster’s Hype-Fest June 15, 2024
    Never stand between rent-seekers and a bucket of taxpayer’s cash, especially when they add ‘green’ to whatever the latest crony capitalist scam might be. Which brings us to the fast and loose talk about the ‘hydrogen-powered’ economy. Hopeful hucksters have added the tag ‘green’ to hydrogen – they purportedly want to produce using chaotically intermittent […]
  • Propaganda Overload: Offshore Wind Industry’s Costs Claims Hit Peak Delusion June 14, 2024
    The wind industry never lets facts shake the entrenched delusion that wind power is cheap and always available. One of the more troublesome facts relates to cost. Whereas the true and total cost of onshore wind power is merely exorbitant, taking these things kilometres offshore means the true cost of (occasionally) generating electricity is off […]