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  • Why no one wants to pay for the green transition November 30, 2023
    By contrast, the green transition is driven by public policy. It is “a negative supply shock, with an accompanying need to finance investments whose profitability cannot be taken for granted,” French economist Jean Pisani-Ferry wrote in a report commissioned by the French prime minister and released in English in November. “By putting a price—financial or […]
  • Documents reveal NextEra’s hidden efforts to oppose transmission line corridor November 29, 2023
    NextEra Energy concealed its identity as a large donor to Democrats in the days before the 2018 election and funded a group that should have registered as a political action committee in 2019 when it worked to oppose the construction of a transmission line project through western Maine, according to documents released by the Maine […]
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  • Floating Circus: Offshore Wind Industry’s Floating Turbine Plan Scoops Parody Award December 1, 2023
    The more desperate rent-seekers become, the sillier they sound. The latest plan to float 800 tonne turbines at sea sounds like parody in motion. Notwithstanding that the offshore wind industry can’t make a buck in shallow waters where their turbines are firmly connected to the ocean floor – dozens of grand offshore projects have been […]
  • US Government Sued For Concealing Wind Industry’s Wholesale Whale Slaughter November 30, 2023
    Courts have a tendency to get the unvarnished truth out, such as the US government’s cover-up of wind industry’s wholesale whale slaughter. Everyone expects the wind industry to lie – it’s in its interest to do so, indeed its very existence depends upon a series of falsehoods – but governments are usually held to slightly […]
  • Urgent FYI – Reckless Renewable Rally – Sydney NSW 30 November 2023 November 29, 2023
    For every man, woman and child who cares about the environment, their communities, and the need for reliable and affordable power take note. Tomorrow is a day when you can all make a difference. Reckless Renewable Rally POSTED ON NOVEMBER 10, 2023 BY NPSGFC 30th November 2023 – 11am Flyers below (take your pick). Bring banners, corflutes (non-offensive) […]
  • Enron All Over Again: Wind & Solar Industries Become Total Financial Train Wrecks November 29, 2023
    Ponzi schemes last only as long as their creators can draw in fresh suckers. The wind and solar industries are fast running out of suckers. America’s Enron set the standards early, parading manufactured financial statements that never reflected the fact that Enron was a worthless house of cards. Gullible investors kept piling in, which helped […]