Stop Wind Farms in Arkansas

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Stop Industrial Wind Turbine Farms in Arkansas

Arkansas, the "Natural State" is one of only a handful of states without Wind Industrial Turbines (WIT).  Let's keep Arkansas free from wind turbines.  A  wind farm project has been proposed for Carroll County, Arkansas, a gateway to the Kings River and many more tourist attractions.

Benefits Refuted:

  1. 300 new jobs:  Most wind companies bring in the same experienced constructions teams with them.
  2. Hotel and restaurant business increase: Green Forest and Berryville either don't not have hotels or RV sites or they stay full with locals.
  3. Tax revenue: 25 million over 30 years is less than a million per year. One wind rep, stated 1 million per school per year, which is obviously wrong.
  4. Landowner payments: Yes, its is true they will pay. However, much lower than many other states. Many factors determine the amount which can change for various reasons.

Potential Damages:

  • Risk of the health, safety and well-being of all residents, livestock, pets and wildlife.
  • Improper siting on karst terrain. Our northwest Arkansas is the most karst area in all of Arkansas. There is potential damage to our springs and sandstone stability during excavation, construction and use.
  • Risk of soil erosion due to the removal of karst top soil.
  • Removing, clear cutting our trees, is removal of natural tornado buffer zone.
  • Risk of interference with phone service, internet and emergency communication devices.
  • Risk of delaying Air Ambulance services, when minutes count.
  • Risk of turbine accidents from ice throw, brake failures, oil leaks resulting in inextinguishable fires.
  • Risk of early delamination of fiberglass blades, resulting in polluting our streams and ground with toxic plastics.
  • Risk of BPA material breakdown, polluting ground and waters.
  • Risk of fire from lightning strikes (Arkansas is in top 10 states for lightening strikes)
  • Risk of economic loss through property decline. Statistics show between a 10% - 40% property devaluation.
  • Risk of tourism loss. "As many bikers and nature loving people come to Arkansas for the views. Roughly 50% of Eureka Springs depends on tourism income through hotels, restaurants and entertainment".
  • Wear and tear to state and county roads due to increased construction traffic, heavy cranes and turbine parts.
  • Damage to county roads with a 2,000 % increase in vehicular traffic plus excess weight .

Lets show The County Judge and the Justices of the Peace, time to place an ordinance protecting the health, safety and well-being of Carroll County residents NOW, before fall of 2023.

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